Welcome to the YHWiki's Young Hercules Fanfiction Archive, a sister site to the Young Hercules Wiki! Within these pages are the treasured archives of such hallowed grounds as "Kora's Inn" and "The Academy's Story Board", among many other sites. All fics are given a quick once-over for general spelling and formatting errors, however personal formatting and preferences for the spellings of proper names has remained intact. While this archive was primarily built to protect early "Young Hercules" fanfiction from being lost in the sands of time, we welcome new users and new YH fanfic! Join us!

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by Bryn on 03/24/2012 11:54 am

Starting to move the fanfics that were archived over on my personal YH fanfic archive "It's Just Me" over to this site. I'm trying to keep most of the formatting the same, but I AM running spell check on them before I re-post them!

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